We believe every Arkansan should have access to high quality and affordable healthcare.

The Urban League of the State of Arkansas is committed to improving the health and quality of life of all Arkansans. Through our Healthcare Outreach Program, we strive to ensure that every Arkansan understands the importance of good health and has access to affordable and high-quality healthcare solutions. 

Active Projects

Health Fairs

ULSA health fairs serve many purposes to empower every Arkansan to have a complete state of well-being. We aim to provide access to select health services, education, and screening that are proven to reduce the occurrences of preventable diseases.

Our health fairs usually include:

HIV & Hepatitis C
Healthcare Legal Assistance
Healthcare Coordination
Blood Pressure and Glucose
Hearing and Vision
Oral Health
Weight & BMI
Fresh Food Access
Prostate Cancer

Health Forums

Our Health Forums are designed to improve the health and quality of life of Arkansans through education and information on healthcare policy, healthy eating, exercise, health monitoring, and problem-solving techniques that lead to an overall better state of health for every Arkansan.

ULSA Healthcare Research

The Urban League of the State of Arkansas is working with partners across the state on research regarding the impact of health care reform, including Medicaid expansion, access to coverage and care, and the relationship to health disparities. Research findings will be shared through our health care forums and advocacy campaigns.

Program Inquiries

Program Associate:
Chris Kingsby
Office (501) 379-1597

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