We believe every Arkansan should be prepared for success in school, work, and life.

Our Areas of Focus

Through our signature Education and Youth Development Programs, we consistently look for opportunities to advocate for an education system that serves every Arkansan. We focus our efforts on improving seven key areas:

One. Fairness: Equity and excellence at scale

Two. Investment: Early childhood learning and education

Three. Promise: Equitable implementation of college and career-ready standards

Four: Advancement: Expanded access to high-quality curricula, teachers, and administrators

Five. Measurement: Comprehensive, transparent, and aligned data system for early learning through employment

Six. Opportunity: Out of school time learning with an emphasis on expanded day and summer learning

Seven. Fulfillment: College completion and attainment

Active Projects

Boys and Men Opportunity Success Team (BMOST)

BMOST is an initiative of the Urban League of the State of Arkansas. The goal of BMOST is to prepare boys and men of color for success in school, career, and life. We collaborate with a diverse group of organizations and institutions from the private, public, and philanthropic sectors to create pathways to attainable and sustainable success for boys and men of color in Arkansas.

Goals of BMOST:
1. Build the capacity of organizations and institutions that are working to improve education and career opportunities for boys and men of color.
2. Increase resources available to organizations and institutions committed to supporting boys and men of color.
3. Tell a better story by getting the word out about what boys and men of color are doing to make Arkansas a better, stronger state.
4. Develop youth programs that provide exposure to knowledge, tools, and experiences that cultivate 21 st -century mindsets and skill sets.
5. Coordinate advocacy-oriented action directed at positive systems and policy changes that improve educational and career outcomes for boys and men of color.

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BMOST: Youth Fellowship

The BMOST Youth Fellowship empowers boys and men of color in Arkansas to realize their full potential as leaders and contributors to the 21st-century workforce. The BMOST Youth Fellowship is an annual youth summer employment program designed to engage boys and men of color between the ages of 16-19 in 21st-century leadership and skill development. The exposure to knowledge tools and experiences that promote 21st-century mindsets and skill-sets will create a #better now for the boys and men of color selected to participate.

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BMOST: Elevator Speech Competition

Boys and men of color should be masters at conveying the value they bring to the economy. The Elevator Speech competition provides our future professionals a place to network with established professionals and hone the necessary skills to concisely and powerfully tell their stories to convey the value they bring to any situation at a moment's notice.

BMOST: Career Evaluation System

The BMOST Career Evaluation system empowers out of school time youth-serving organizations to assess and improve interventions that prepare boys and men of color for success in college and the workplace.

This data platform enables program staff at youth-serving organizations, post-secondary institutions, and government agencies to more effectively collect and use data to help boys and men of color succeed in school, career, and life.

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BMOST: 21st Century Ready

Educators and workforce experts alike advise us that our youth should enter adult hood with 21st-century skills to compete in the global economy successfully. Our 21st Century Ready Program introduces youth to skills that will help to thrive in college or work during the Information Age. Youth in this program will hone critical career readiness skills before they enter the workforce, preparing them to compete at a high level in an evolving job market.

Excellence & Equity in Education Project: Equity and Education Discussion Series

The Urban League of the State of Arkansas understands that when equity is not intentionally and consistently addressed, inequality takes place by default, which is why we are committed to facilitating inclusive conversations around equity and excellence in education.

The goal of the Equity and Excellence in Education Discussion Series is to, regularly convene community members and education leaders in conversations around equity and excellence in education. We will capture the communities' feedback then assist them with providing educational leaders useful insights to use in improving systems and processes to promote equity and excellence in education in their local schools.

BMOST: Post-Secondary Policy Forums

The post-secondary policy forum is a movement for equity in higher education. The goal is to develop a living agenda that identifies recommendations that higher education institutions can implement in Central Arkansas to increase the post-secondary success of male students of color.
The Process:
1. Convene to review current data around post-secondary success for boys and men of color.
2. Present on policies, programs, and practices.
3. Discussion about policies, programs, and practices we can shift.
4. Document policies, programs, and practices we will change.
5. Make progress toward agenda goals and expand statewide collaborative.

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